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Joshua Rivero for Parker Town Council

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“You can’t build paradise and expect no one to move here. We have built a strong and safe place for families to raise their kids, where our kids can thrive, and where if we want to, we can retire here when we are done. We are an open and caring town filled with people who want to raise their families and build a life. That hometown feeling is not bound to population -- but is simply about how we treat each other every day.”

About Joshua Rivero

Doing What is Best for Parker


Is it right for Parker? Is it fair to all residents? These are the questions that drive Joshua Rivero as a two-term Parker Town Council member. Balancing the judicial and legislative sides of his commitment to the town can sometimes prove to be a difficult task, especially in a town the size of Parker.


However, for the past ten years, Joshua has proven time and again that his roots run deep in Parker, and he is able to not only balance the two sides but work with the other members of Town Council to reach fair and just decisions through compromise and collaboration, while representing the needs of all Parker residents and providing resources to meet those needs.


Since his election to Parker’s Town Council in 2012, Joshua has worked with his fellow council members to increase government transparency and citizen involvement, attracted new retail and commercial businesses, increased active adult recreational programming, and continued to fund capital improvement investment in transportation projects. Throughout his tenure with the Parker Town Council, Joshua has played an instrumental role in drafting the Parker community to ensure that the town thrives and continues to be the place where its residents want to raise their families.

In November 2012, Joshua was elected to a four-year term on Town Council and then re-elected in 2016 and was re-elected again in 2021. Originally, he moved to Parker in 1989 with his siblings and parents and is a graduate of Ponderosa High School. Joshua and his family have lived in Idyllwilde for 16 years. He and his wife own and operate Fika Coffeehouse on Mainstreet and in the Idyllwilde neighborhood.


During his tenure with the Downtown Development Council from 2008 to 2011, the council secured many street beautifications and improvement projects in the downtown area. The DDC also assisted in the return of the Parker Farmer’s Market to Mainstreet from a location that was not beneficial to the community.


As a member of the Parker Town Council, Joshua’s top priorities have always been to ensure that the town continues to stand on solid financial footing, as well as the enhancement of the town’s economic development efforts to bring more businesses to Parker, creating activities and initiatives for Parker youth, and planning for and taking care of Parker’s senior citizen population.


After graduating from Ponderosa High School, Joshua studied Western History at Metropolitan State College of Denver and also spent time studying Swedish in Stockholm. Joshua is a proud member of the Cherry Creek Rotary Club and has sponsored numerous events and causes in Parker. He enjoys living in Colorado for its outdoor opportunities including cycling, hiking, kayaking, golf, and disc golf.


Civic Experience


Town of Parker Regional Boards and Commissions

  • Cherry Creek Basin Water Quality Authority 2013 - Present

  • Cherry Creek Basin Water Quality Authority Chair 2019 - Present

  • Denver Regional Council of Governments Alternate 2013 - Present

  • Douglas County Youth Initiative 2013 - Present

  • Douglas County Youth Initiative Chair 2013-2018

  • Douglas County Youth Congress Chair - 2013-2018

  • Douglas County Outstanding Youth Awards Chair - 2013-2018

  • E-470 Public Highway Authority Alternate 2017 - Present

  • Partnership of Douglas County Governments 2013 - Present

  • Douglas County Open Data Initiative 2016-2017

  • Regional Transportation District 

  • Douglas County Library Trustee Selection Committee 2015 - Present


Local Boards and Organizations

  • Parker Water and Sanitation District 2013 - 2018

  • Parker Senior Center Board 2013 - Present

  • South Metro Fire Rescue Authority 2013 - 2019

  • Parker Task Force 2014 - Present

  • Downtown Business Alliance 

  • Parker Area Chamber of Commerce 


Town Department Liaison 

  • Mayor Pro Tem 2015, 2016, 2020

  • Community Development Department - 6 years

  • Public Works & Engineering - 4 years

  • Communications Department - 3 years

  • Parker Arts - 3 years

  • Information Technologies Department - 2 years

  • Economic Development Department - 2 years


Personal & Business

  • Fika Coffee House(s) - Owner & Operator 2008 - Present


Civic Engagement

  • Downtown Development Council

    • Chair 2009 - 2011

  • Parker Area Chamber of Commerce 

    • Member 2009 - Present

  • Downtown Business Alliance 

    • Founding Member

  • Cherry Creek Valley Rotary of Parker 

    • Member 2012 - Present

    • Sergeant at Arms 2014 - 2018

    • President 2019

  • Pioneer Elementary

    • School Advisory Committee

    • School Volunteer - 8 years

Dear Parker Community,

Hi Parker,
I’d like to make official what some of you already know. I am announcing my campaign for Town Council of Parker! With your blessing, help, support, and votes I would be honored to continue my dedication and service to our hometown as your experienced council member. I love this community but more importantly, I love those that make up this community.





Parker, Colorado


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